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What is Arkatz Store?

We are Arkatz, a young group of artists, and designers, who are passionate for 3D Printing, based in Valence (Drôme, France). 🟦⬜🟥

Relax and take your time; you'll find a wide variety of lovely items to improve and update your interior design... but not just that! Additionally, you can discover happiness for a customized gift or develop your DIY skills with our selection of ready-to-paint miniatures.🎨

We’re working closely together with trends, inspired by pop culture.
Please feel free to get in touch with us if you have any questions about orders, or you would like to make a custom projects.

One day, we have cool jobs. The day after, we come to work and... Wait, there is no job anymore! Yeah, this is 2020 guys! What an opportunity to finally build a store we always wanted! Creating decoration and geek stuff, that is what we really love. 💗

Now, we work with a complete team including 3D designers, professional painters, a graphic designer, a photographer, a marketer and an SEO expert. We create high quality figures, shadow boxes, and cosplay accessories inspired by movies, video games and also our own imagination!

Of course, if you are dreaming about your particular project, we can help you as well! Just let us know by contacting us, we will answer quickly. 🚀




battita revoredo pokemon

 Battita Revoredo

ArkatzStore founder

Let’s Work Together?

Get in touch if you have any suggestions, or working together seems like a plan!

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