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Get this rare miniature Copperajah Pokemon, perfect for collectors.


Despite being found in the Galar and Paldea regions, Copperajah and its pre-evolved form Cufant are not native to either of them, having been imported from another region to work with humans. It also works with other Pokémon, such as Gigalith, in construction sites and mines. Copperajah's tarnished skin is resistant to water.


It has enough physical strength to pull an airplane, and its trunk is strong enough to crush boulders into powder. It lives in social herds and has a boastful disposition; the more vibrant its skin is, the prouder it will be.


📏 Size:

Small: 2 inches / 5 cm

Medium: 3 inches / 7.5 cm

Large: 4 inches / 10 cm

Extra Large: 6 inches / 15 cm

Gigantic: 7 inches / 17.5 cm


- Unpainted: it will be 3D printed in high quality grey resin. May require some light sanding to remove small print defects. You can paint it by yourself to give it your personal touch! 

- Pro painted: it will be 3D printed in high quality resin, sanded, hand painted and matt varnished by our professional artist, for an unique finish! The best quality ever, no doubt. 


Processing time:

MADE ON DEMAND, have a processing period of 4-6 weeks on average.



(S size packaging, makes the delivery super fast)🚀


Material made by our close partner Filament PM in Europe (Czech Republic).

    29,00 €Price
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