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Heatran Pokemon Statue Figure Hand Painted Nintendo Gaming Decor

Heatran Pokemon Statue Figure Hand Painted Nintendo Gaming Decor

Heatran is a reddish-brown, quadrupedal Pokémon. It is dotted with orange and gray spots, and it has metal bangles locked on its legs. Its four claws on each of its feet are in a cross formation. Heatran has a gray underside, and its face is covered by an iron mask, with red-orange eyes uncovered. Its eyes seem to remain open even when it is asleep. Whenever it is seen with its mouth open, an orange glow emanates from inside it. Because of its intense body heat, certain parts of its body are melted slightly out of shape. Boiling magma-like blood circulates through its body. While its body is rugged steel, it melts partly due to Heatran's own heat.
📏 Size:
Extra Small: 1 inch / 2.5 cm
Small: 2 inches / 5 cm
Medium: 3 inches / 7.5 cm
Large: 4 inches / 10 cm
Extra Large: 6 inches / 15 cm
Gigantic: 7 inches / 17.5 cm

- Unpainted: it will be 3D printed in high quality grey resin. May require some light sanding to remove small print defects. You can paint it by yourself to give it your personal touch!
- Pro painted: it will be 3D printed in high quality resin, sanded, hand painted and matt varnished by our professional artist, for an unique finish! The best quality ever, no doubt.
Processing time:
IN STOCK, the average processing time is 2-5 business days.
MADE ON DEMAND, have a processing period of 4-6 weeks on average.
(S size packaging, makes the delivery faster)🚀

Most of the items are 3D Printed in PLA (Polylactic acid) plastic which is a recyclable, biodegradable, non-toxic, eco-friendly plastic made from the renewable resource or printed with high quality resin.
Images are 3D rendered, ready product might have some small differences in color. 🎨
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