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Gamecube Buttons Set - Graphite Black

Gamecube Buttons Set - Graphite Black

This is a custom artisan buttons and thumbsticks set for GameCube controllers only. 🟪


You will receive a total of 9 buttons and 2 thumbsticks: ABXY, Z, D-pad, Start, LR triggers, left thumbstick, and C-stick.


It's made of bioplastic and resin but has no rubber. This way, no rubber ripping ever! To keep a perfect grip and a nice finish, I add a clear and durable resin coat to it at the end of the process. ✨


There are different variations so you can mix parts as you want:
- Full set
- Thumbsticks
- Buttons and triggers (D-pad and Z included)
- Buttons (D-pad and Z included)
- Triggers


If you have a question or if you want a specific color, please send me a message. All colors are possible and they can be specified to each button!


PLEASE NOTE: Those LR triggers are not compatible for the metal "U" clip as the OEM triggers, which are useless anyway. I always remove those metal "U" clips from my controllers and it works perfectly.

PLEASE NOTE AGAIN : To get different colors or other stuff for your controller, please take a look to our shop ArkatzStore! 👀

PLEASE NOTE AGAIN AGAIN: This set is only for GameCube controllers.

    29,00 €Price
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