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DOWNLOADING ONLY | All Online Delay Mods and Homemade Step-by-step Guide

DOWNLOADING ONLY | All Online Delay Mods and Homemade Step-by-step Guide

This is a kit for Smashers who want reduce the delay when playing Smash Ultimate online. Among other things, the in-game feel is greatly improved and your inputs will come out faster.

Questions about the online latency reduction mod:

"Does this mod actually feel better than Ultimate wifi?"
- Yes! Ultimate wifi adds a minimum of 4 frames of delay, however, this rarely happens. Players will more often than not experience 5+ frames of added delay. This mod can let players reach 2 frame delay comfortably, which means that you are only 2 frames off from an ideal offline setup. No matter what, you will always have connections that are 1-2 frames faster than vanilla wifi. The difference may seem small but in practice, it feels great.

"Can I use this mod with others who do not have it?"
- Yes, the delay for Ultimate's netcode is not synchronized, meaning that you can feel less delay than your opponent. Even with the difference in delay, the match will play out normally. If you wish to not have an advantage over your opponent, you can turn the mod off, or remove it from your SD card, or set the delay to "Auto".

"Is this mod safe to use?":
- The risk this mod poses is low, but we cannot say for sure if there is a ban risk. Nintendo does not have a lengthy history of banning players from Smash Ultimate's online, but this is the first mod to create a real advantage over other players online. It is up to Nintendo if they want to ban players, update the game, or do something else. As always, play with this mod at your risk.

"Can I use this mod on Quickplay/Elite Smash?"
- Yes you can, the mod is disabled during Quickplay/Elite Smash. You won't have a risk of using this mod in those modes and you won't have a delay advantage over your opponents.

ATTENTION! This mod only works on unpatched Nintendo Switch V1s. To find out if your Switch can accept this mod, please enter its serial number on this site:

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